Foals Born 2018

Date Dam Dam Sire Sex Colour         Sire
12/9/18 Perceptible       Personal Escort  Colt        Bay  Ghibellines
14/9/18 Apparent Gallant Guru Filly Bay Ghibellines
14/9/18 Flyby Danzighill Filly Bay Ghibellines
23/9/18 Smudgee Yamanin Vital Colt Bay Gallant Guru
23/9/18 Grigio Scardee Cat Colt Grey Gallant Guru
25/9/18 Tutor Gallant Guru Colt Bay Ghibellines
26/9/18 Legal Note Personal Escort Colt Bay Raise The Flag
28/9/18 Cherry Creek Monashee Mountain Colt Bay Ghibellines
1/10/18 Biosphere Encosta De Lago Filly Bay Highly Recommended
2/10/18 Pernote Personal Escort Filly Bay Ghibellines
2/10/18 Colombian Beauty Colombia Colt Bay Fabulous
3/10/18 Hold the Note Gallant Guru Filly Bay Ghibellines
4/10/18 La Gem Seasoned Star Colt Bay Ghibellines
7/10/18 Keepercrossed Keeper Filly Bay Raise The Flag
8/10/18 Inferno Yamanin Vital Filly Bay Zacinto
8/10/18 Leading Artist Peintre Celebre Filly Chestnut El Roca
10/10/18 Blush O'Reilly Filly Bay Gallant Guru
10/10/18 Gurtie Russian Embassy Colt Bay Ghibellines
11/10/18 Serve de Aunt Nom du Jeu Filly Bay Shocking
11/10/18 McMay Yamanin Vital Colt Bay Gallant Guru
12/10/18 Gallant Babe Gallant Guru Colt Bay Ghibellines
14/10/18 Whare Creek Yamanin Vital Colt Bay Highly Recommended
14/10/18 Georgie's Way Al Akbar Colt Chestnut Ghibellines
14/10/18 Personal Column Personal Escort Colt Bay Ghibellines
15/10/18 Sophie Louise Postponed Colt Grey Highly Recommended
15/10/18 Chairos Painted Black Filly Chestnut Highly Recommended
16/10/18 Evancho Shinzig Filly Bay Ghibellines
16/10/18 Broadway Miss O'Reilly Filly Bay Ghibellines
17/10/18 Upclosenpersonal Personal Escort Filly Chestnut Highly Recommended
18/10/18 Ruby's Rose Gallant Guru Colt Chestnut Ghibellines
19/10/18 Gallant Ruby Gallant Guru Colt Brown Darci Brahma
19/10/18 The Wee One Yamanin Vital Filly Chestnut Ghibellines
20/10/18 Antariya Raise The Flag Filly Bay Ghibellines
21/10/18 Treat Me O'Reilly Filly Bay Ghibellines
23/10/18 Indy Anna Indian Danehill Filly Brown/Bay Raise The Flag
24/10/18 Toetwotoe Teofilo Filly Bay Highly Recommended
25/10/18 Jaylah Yamanin Vital Filly Bay Gallant Guru
25/10/18 New Years Jay Washington VC Colt Bay Sweet Lou
25/10/18 Norah Gallant Guru Filly Bay/Brown Ghibellines
25/10/18 Leeward Prevails Justice Prevails Filly Bay Gallant Guru
28/10/18 Potheen Corrupt Filly Bay Raise The Flag
29/10/18 Checkpoint Per Incanto Filly Bay Ghibellines
29/10/18 Forever Vital Yamanin Vital Colt Bay Zacinto
31/10/18 Molly Malone Towkay Colt Bay/Brown Raise The Flag
1/11/18 Structure Yamanin Vital Colt Bay Ghibellines
1/11/18 No Lane Bridge Centaine Filly Brown Raise The Flag
4/11/18 Avow No Excuse Needed Filly Bay Zacinto
5/11/18 Volonte My Halo Filly Chestnut Ghibellines
6/11/18 Sheezastunna Darci Brahma Filly Bay Raise The Flag
7/11/18 Lydia Go Gallant Guru Filly Bay/Brown Ghibellines
8/11/18 Cristallo Raise the Flag Filly Brown Ghibellines
8/11/18 Hughes That Girl Henny Hughes Filly Bay Ghibellines
8/11/18 No Rosettes Lord of Warriors Colt Bay Verdi
8/11/18 Danger Point Danehill Colt Bay Ocean Park
9/11/18 Stonk Yamanin Vital Filly Bay Remind
13/11/18 Blue 'N' Gold Gallant Guru Filly Chestnut Ghibellines
14/11/18 Hayley Maree Le Bec Fin Colt Brown Highly Recommended
15/11/18 Breathe Easy Pentire Colt Bay Raise The Flag
16/11/18 Giuliana Zabeel Colt Bay Gallant Guru
18/11/18 De la Vere O'Reilly Filly Bay/Brown Power
21/11/18 Belle d'Or Danzighill Filly Chestnut Ghibellines
22/11/18 Show'em Babe Show a Heart Filly Brown Gallant Guru
23/11/18 Include Gallant Guru Colt Brown/Black Savabeel
27/11/18 Blanc Bleu Danasinga Colt Bay/Brown Raise The Flag
2/12/18 Quartet King's Chapel Colt Chestnut Ghibellines